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Committee member of Belmont 16s Photography Club. Membership Vice-President for the Photographic Society of America.

Photography bio

Photography Experience
I have been taking photographs for about 60 years. For about the past 12 years I have been regularly competing in international competitions and have received more than 7000 acceptances and 500 awards. Through these competitions I have gained the following honours: EFIAP (Excellence award, International Federation of Photographic Arts) GMPSA (Masters award, Photographic Society of America) GMAPS (Grand Masters award, Australian Photographic Society) APSEM (Australian Photographic Society Exhibitor\'s Medal) In 2015 I was awarded the Nature Medallion by the Australian Photographic Society.
Areas of interest
Nature photography.
Favourite Equipment
Computer Stuff
Mac, Photoshop, Lumenzia.
My Websites: